Updated May 15, 2010

JUNE 2012

The Concept 4000 web app is now sold through Inner Range Pty Ltd and CSD. Please buy lots!

EM-format Card Calculator

Below is a simple calculator to convert raw EM-format card number into site code and card number. It can also convert the site code and card number back to the raw EM-format card number.

This will be useful for security technicians who have an EM card programmer and need an easy way to convert card numbers.

This calculator was created after a request from Charlie Stokes (aka: Pelican)... enjoy!

EM-format calculator

Thank you for everyone who has been sending in manuals.....keep them coming!
Please visit the contact page for my new email address. Please send any manuals to that address! I managed to find a few manuals with manuals in them when I last sorted through all the spam emails. If you have sent me manuals in the past and they do not appear here can you please send them again to the new email address, I may have accidently deleted them.

Updated MAY, 2010

Thank you for the recent influx of manuals.
Thank you to everyone who has recently sent me a heap of installation manuals. I am in the process of adding them now so please be patient.

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